I Know He Heard My Prayer

The clouds have passed away, I see the light of day,
The sun is shining thru, dispelling gloom with hallelujahs;
I know that this is real, for in my heart I feel
that my Saviour heard my earnest prayer.
I know He heard my prayer,
He knows my every care,…
He gives to me the blessed victory,
Oh yes ! I feel Him now,
My loyalty I vow,
I know the Saviour heard my plea.
The Lord has heard my prayer, great joy is now my share,
Sweet heaven fills my soul, now I can go rejoicing on;
Oh my friend, there’s not a doubt, thank God, they’re driven out,
for He heard my prayer, my earnest prayer.
When in the future days, the fiery trials blaze,
When Satan comes to me to take away my victory,
I can point him to the time when Heaven’s light did shine,
I can say He heard my earnest prayer.
The enemy had said that my faith in God was dead,
If the way was rough, He did not care,
Thank God it is not true, Jesus thrills me thru and thru.
I know he heard my prayer, my earnest prayer.
(by Vep Ellis)

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