The God of the Impossible

(I woke up early this morning with the following song on my heart. I am so very thankful that, as an 8-year-old girl, I came to KNOW the God of the Impossible! Since that day, I have seen Him answer many, many prayers in my life…to God be the glory!  If you are praying for a miracle right now, may I remind you – the situation may get worse before a miracle takes place. If our situation is one where we, in our finite minds, can devise a solution, then our circumstance is not a “miracle only” circumstance yet. If we have not yet received an answer from God, then, as the importunate woman in Luke 18:1-8, we must continue praying in faith until the answer comes.)
I don’t know how God hangs the world on nothing
Or how He keeps the planets each in place.
I cannot count the sands upon the seashore,
Nor can I count the stars that float in space.
But God can do what seems impossible; {YES, HE CAN!!!}
God controls eternity.
My mind can never comprehend it,
But God in heaven cares for me.
I don’t know how the Lord can save a sinner
Or how His grace can cleanse and set him free.
I can’t explain the mystery of Calv’ry –
To think that Jesus died for even me.
I don’t know all the meaning of “forever”
Or just how long it’s been since time began.
I can’t explain how Christ Who is eternal
Could come to earth and die for sinful man.
~ Rachel ~

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