“The Great I Am”

God’s children were in bondage

In Egypt’s land for many years

When they cried unto their Father

Through their pain and through their tears

Then He raised a man named Moses

To lead them to the promised land

When Moses said Lord I am nothing

God said just trust Me, The Great I Am


I am thy God Jehovah

Is anything too hard for Me

When the water’s too high for crossing

I’ll be there to part the sea

When the flames of doubt enfold you

I am the fourth Man in the fire

Fear thou not for I am with thee

I am your God, you are My child


Though we walk through the fiery trials

And though we trod the valley low

There’s a refuge for God’s children

And a place where we can go

Just like Moses, I am helpless

By myself I cannot stand

Then I hear the Saviour whisper

Just trust in Me, The Great I Am


I am the Rose of Sharon

I am your strength when you are weak

I am the great Physician

The Provider of all your needs

The Lily in your valley

When storms of life are raging wild

Fear thou not, for I am with thee

I am your God, you are My child

(Traci Jones)

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